Relax and learn to dive with a Resort dive at the Great Barrier Reef

Resort Dive liveaboard

Resort Dive There is a way for folks that do not know how to scuba dive and want to see the Great Barrier Reef!

This scuba diving is known as a resort dive.

This is an introductory dive where you will learn to dive in a safe environment with a Scuba Instructor.

The scuba instructor will teach you the basic instructions needed for the first time divers so they will know the rules that are a must to be aware of.

This is just an easy to understand, basic course and not the reasons divers do what they do to survive.

You must be healthy, physically and medically fit.

There are some medications that may prevent you from diving.

So make sure you tell the charter company of any medication or limitations you may have before you book your tour.

They may be able to help you with another choice so you don’t miss the Great Barrier Reef experience. Listen carefully and understand all instructions for your own safety.

If you and your family find resort scuba diving so much fun and really enjoy the whole scuba diving experience then you should complete an entry level open water course.

This is the first step in scuba diving training needed to become a scuba diver that dives with confidence.

After you have been given a briefing and you have learned and made sure you understand all the directions you will be taking a dive around the coral reef by the experience scuba diver.

Imaging swimming among the tropical fish and seeing the beauty of hard and soft coral.  Oh it is a dream comes true!

Who knows you might enjoy the experience so much you may decide to continue with more training to become a certified diver.

The next step you’ll need to take is to check out all the different charters and tour companies that offer the Resort Dive.

There are some really good deals out there that will give you the best for your buck!

Some charters will give you your instructions, teach you the basics of your dive, take you on your first resort dive on the Great Barrier Reef and if you find you enjoyed the experience then you have the option to go on a second dive in the afternoon Great Barrier Reef location.

You really need to look at all the websites and find the best deal with all inclusive fees, food, drink, all equipment needed for you and your family.

Great crews are a must! Crews that help and assist with an attitude that goes way beyond what you would expect, then once you have found that fantastic charter, BOOK it for your next vacation.