Liveaboard 2 day Great Barrier Reef Overnight Experience it now

Liveaboard 2 day, Australia is one of the few places in the world that scuba divers and snorkelers can participate in a live aboard experience with just one overnight.

Our 2 day – 1 night liveaboard experience is not very common outside of Australia.

The ease to reach dive sites like those on the Great Barrier Reef from cities such as Cairns sets us apart.

This advantage also extends to non-divers since overnight snorkeling trips are also offered by many of the Cairns based liveaboards.

The advantages are many

Depending on the liveaboard you select the scuba diver with have six or seven dives including a night dive in the two day – one night excursions.

Compare this to most of the day trips of two dives a day.

It is also very likely that the only way you will be able to do a night dive on one of the outer reefs is by an overnight stay.

Travel time from Cairns to the reef and back makes it impractical to offer night dives except on special trips.

As any experienced night diver will tell you, you have not experienced a reef until you dive it at night.

Most of the longer duration liveaboards, meet the guest at the marina and travel out to the outer reefs.

The liveaboards are not built for speed but for comfort.

While this method works for longer duration it is not the best for overnight tips.

The method that most of the overnight leaving from Cairns is to use a day dive boat as a transfer.  This method also allows you to join a live aboard on any day.

There are a number of 2 day-1 night liveaboards departing from Cairns including our very own luxury liveaboard Reef Encounter.

Details vary by company, however, basically a diver departs the marina on a boat doing day tours such as our Reef Experience.

Some companies will do one or two scuba dives or Snorkeling on the day boat on its way out to the outer reef area.

While other boats will make a high speed run directly to the outer reef area.

At the outer reef the boat will rendezvous with the live aboard.

The guest will transfer to the liveaboard, and continue their experience.

They will be shown to their staterooms and if they did not have lunch on the day boat have lunch.

Later there is another afternoon dive or snorkeling time.

Time to relax before dinner and after dinner a night dive is available.

The evening is spent socializing with the other guest and crew on board or maybe watching a DVD.

Most guest will spend some of the time on the open deck watching the stars and looking out for any shooting stars.

Australia's Best Liveaboard
Reef Encounter

Being so far from the main land, the only artificial lights are from the boat, and they will be lowered to revealed a night sky that can not be matched around any city.

As far as you can tell, you, your companion and the others on board the vessel with you, may be the only people on earth.

These short duration liveaboards are also the ideal solution to the scuba diver who wants to experience a liveaboard but is travelling with a non-diving partner.

The scuba diver gets his dream vacation diving the great barrier reef while the non-diving companion is treated to a luxury yacht style cruise.

We understand people have different taste in life so, In addition to our award-winning Reef Encounter, we are offering a selection of other high quality liveaboard 2 day tours departing form Cairns and elsewhere.